Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vivid MD skin care

I am currently living in Deerfield Beach, Florida where the humidity is intense. I previously lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico where the air is dry. Clearly there must be alternative regimens for skin care based off the type of environment. I generally found myself to have oily skin type, until I moved to higher elevation in New Mexico. I discovered a soothing skin care line called Vivid MD. I was immediately attracted to the line because it's ability to repair and renew damaged skin. The line is based out of Santa Monica, California, and generally is used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical professionals by clinical estheticians. It takes research to find somewhere near you that carries the line. However, the representatives are extremely thorough through email or telephone in ordering and discussing the products.
I became a user of tetrinoin two years ago. I find that it is effective towards preventing fine lines, as well as acne issues. When first using a topical cream such as tetrinoin, the skin experiences dryness and slight inflammation. I ordered Vivids Satin Cleanser. The natural scent is phenomenal, but that's not the only great thing about this cleanser. The cleanser was first created to treat cancer patients who experienced skin sensitivity from chemotherapy. It removes all impurities and makeup without stripping essential lipids from the skin. Rosemary Leaves Extract and Yeast help stimulate the skin, which results in firming. For soothing and preventing inflammation, Chamomile Extract and Natural Vanilla Essential Oil are used. The most important to me is the cleansing agent. The cleanser uses an antioxidant called Citric Acid, which is commonly used among skin care products. Seaweed Extract, Yeast and Natural Orange Essential Oil all aid in anti-tumorigenic and antimicrobial soothing agents. The cleanser is moisturizing and I would not recommend it to be used daily for those living in humid environments, or those who produce excess oil regularly.
For those who have acne breakouts or blackheads and sensitivity, the Purifying Whipped Cleanser would be your choice. Sebum production has been known to be a corporate in causing acne breakouts. This antibacterial cleanser helps to dissolve the over production of sebum within the dermis. The anti-inflammatory agents are Clove and Lavender. Soapwort and Watercress focus on a decongestant for skins impurities to heal and soothe acne.
The other product that I would recommend to everyone, a product I can't live without, is the Refreshing Toner. I am a firm believer in sticking to the essential four step process to maintain healthy skin: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. This toner has natural exfoliant agents which is beneficial between the days that you won't perform a more abrasive exfoliant. It also contains Lactic Acid to promote cell renewal - not always an ingredient in moisturizers or cleansers.
The last product I would like to discuss, but does not conclude the line, is the Glycolic-15 Cream. A restorative (pH 3.5) cream which removes the outer layers of the epidermis for a smoother, more vibrant appearance. I have used this cream for about a year now. If your skin is more sensitive as mine is, then only use the cream once a week. If your skin can tolerate stronger exfoliants, I would recommend two times a week. This product brings a natural lightener to your skin tone and neutralizes your pigmentation. I find it beneficial toward post acne scars or photo damaged skin spots.
There are so many skin care lines out today and it's difficult to determine which one is the best. I believe experimenting to find what works best for you. If your skin begins to change, change your routine. I had to switch to the Purifying Whipped Cleanser because Florida has such high humidity. But there are still the basics that I will always use, no matter what kind of environment I live in: sunscreen!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorites

There is great debate today about organic skin care products. I must admit that for a while I was truly convinced that I should only use organic products. However, I don’t believe there’s enough evidence to truly prove the effects are that different. Of course it’s probably better for you to use pure ingredients, but are a few additives truly going to kill you; especially if they’re beneficial to your beauty? Most vitamins that we take daily are not in the purest form, most prescriptions given from doctors are not pure, and most food we consume has a slight trace of something funky. I think it would be extremely difficult to live your entire life only using and purchasing organic products. But back to my point…I feel if the product works well and contains a small percentage of additives: use it!
Dermalogica has been my product of choice for numerous years now. For the most part the line does not contain any unnecessary ingredients such as: lanolins, mineral oil or artificial fragrances. That’s enough for me. I truly believe that the use of their products continue to balance and repair your skin. Most products sedate the action of the skin. Once you stop using the product, your skin will return to its original state.
Continuous education is what Dermalogica strives on. The Dermal Institute is constantly improving their products and discovering an effective personalized system. Not every product works for every person. That’s why Dermalogica has so many varieties of moisturizers, exfoliants, cleansers, and masques. Here are a few (to say the least) of my favorite Dermalogica products I would recommend to people with normal or combination skin:

Special Cleansing Gel- This product does not disturb your natural acid mantle. The cleanser detoxifies your skin from all waste, which is generally the purpose of cleansing. It is a foaming cleanser with Quillaja Saponaria and Lavender. Also it brings a cooling action from a Balm Mint base.
Essential Cleansing Solution- This is a great cleanser for dry to ultra-dry skin - even if it’s only used occasionally during dry weather. It’s formulated with a Citrus Flower Extract base and also utilizes soothing Safflower Oil. The cleanser nourishes the skin and effectively removes all makeup and debris.
Skin Prep Scrub- This product is beneficial for those who prefer a deeper exfoliant. Although people with sensitive skin can use this product a few times a week; it is not recommended to those who use prescribed exfoliants; such as Retin A or Accutane. The ingredients consist of Corn Cob Meal, soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. You can use it before cleansing or add it to your cleanser.
Daily Microfoliant- The same rule applies to those who use Retin A or Accutane. However, being a using of Retin A, I find that it does not irritate the skin when used 2-3 times a week. This exfoliant contains a unique rice powder formula, leaving the skin brighter and smoother. * It does contain Salycilic Acid for those who may have sensitivity. This product truly leaves your skin glowing!
Active Moist- Mainly used for normal to oily skin. I find that it’s more effective during the day if that’s the time you produce excess oil. This is an oil free moisturize containing Silk proteins, Burdock, Cucumber, and Sage.
Intensive Moisture Balance- Mainly for dry to ultra-dry skin. This moisturizer will repair your skin overnight! I swear by it – especially when my skin is feeling dehydrated. It contains ultra rich phytinutrients and Vitamin C to improve collagen synthesis.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am currently a sales representative for Dermalogica skin care. I believe Dermalogica to be extremely reputable and effective. Their website gives in depth detail on the ingredients and development of all their products. Most skin care lines that are reputable will not hold back their research. Also, they will be USDA and FDA approved. Dermalogica doesn't allow just any place to sell their product. It is important to have the people in their selling facilities thoroughly trained in the products. There is nothing worse than asking the sales person a question on a product and receiving a partial answer.
Currently, the spa I work at has presented a new skin care line called DNA, developed by "Dr." Noel Aguilar from California. His line focuses on a Cryostem Therapy to reactivate the cells to repair and look younger. Now, right away the word DNA struck me as odd. Somehow your skin will develop flawless blueprints using your own DNA structure. He has a farm in the Swiss Alps in which he raises organic cows. His secret is using bovine stem cells to repair the cell structure in your skin. Now, why exactly are these cows across the country in a mysterious farm? Does it possibly have to do with overseas regulations, I don't know? The DNA Institute where he does all his research is in a strip mall next door to a lighting store. That is one piece of information that is available. However, if you tried to Google or do any other research on where the stem cells are gathered, it is close to impossible to find anything. The only reason I know an inconsiderable amount of information, is because he came to New Mexico to train the estheticians at the spa. The line description he gave only said so much, and basically summarized that no cows are harmed and it's safe. More information....please!!!
The stem cells are added with other flawless ingredients before being topically applied to the skin. The embryonic stem cells are taken from the cow shortly before the umbilical chord has formed. Apparently the cows are able to recreate the fluid that is lost to perform a safe pregnancy. Most of Aguilar's education is in Homeopathy, not from a medical university. His Doctorate Degree is stated to be from European Nations, however with further research it's been discovered as an online degree. This is nothing close to a medical doctorate, yet he claims to be sufficient in biological cellular studies. I guess anyone can receive an online degree and call themselves a doctor. We all know that you can be a doctor in Chinese Medicine. However, the only concern I have is about those who represent themselves differently. Sure there are some witch doctors out there who can possibly cure your parasites or gallstones. But we all know deep down it would be questionable to have them working in your local hospital. Maybe Noel Aguilar is an extremely intelligent man, clearly he can convince people to purchase his bovine stem cells. However, I feel that any company that would associate themselves with a sketchy character is truly clueless.
DNA is also sold in New Mexico at a tanning salon. Now, does reputation really matter to this man? I don't think so. It's all about making the almighty dollar in this world. I don't blame him. Apparently he doesn't even have a patent on the stem cell procedure. Heck, maybe if it truly works I will get it patented and make a million bucks. There's nothing more appealing than getting rich quick.

The website that tells you NOTHING.

More to come on my discoveries!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let me introduce myself.......

I don't believe that I am the most knowledgeable person in the world on skin care. However, somehow during college my path lead me to the industries of beauty. For over four years I worked at Toni and Guy hair salon, and within a month I was hooked on everything relative to beauty maintenance. Working at the salon, I encountered some of the most unique people in the beauty industry. Everyone knew how to perfectly apply their makeup, and everyone had a fashion magazine worthy style. It was their job to keep up with all the latest trends. I don't believe every person I worked with possessed pure vanity. I believe most makeup and hair stylist are in many ways an artist. I don't believe anyone can be artistically creative with hair and makeup, and originate unique styles. Coming into the salon after hours of college classes, I felt a release. I began to pay more attention to all aspects of beauty maintenance.
Within the four years of working at the salon, I would sit in the break room and listen to everyone tell each other the best products to use. At the time my hair was immaculate, but I lacked the knowledge in skin care. My dear friend April Miles has vibrant skin texture and tone. I was a little unlucky in the skin department. My skin reacted to everything, and especially stress. I had what would be labeled as, "teen acne." At times my skin would be crystal clear, but when a blemish erupted, it was horrific. Back to April... she was constantly learning about professional skin care products, and most importantly the prevention of damaged skin. We lived in Tucson, Arizona and I was never mildly cautious about sun damage. She and I would come to each other with our latest finds of the best sunscreen. She also was seeing a Dermatologist named Jody Comstock. That's when I was introduced the the Obagi skin care line.
I suppose when Obagi had it's moments of glory, it seemed like the best. I remember calling my mother in Santa Fe and listening to her tell me about the new Obagi skin regimen she was on. Her main focus was lightening the hyperpigmentation of her skin caused by sun damage. I was intrigued. I immediately became obsessed with the product, because of it's popularity, and never focused on what my skin truly needed.
Within months I still had cystic breakouts, and turned my focus to skin care, and finding the right product. I truly believe that with my situation a dermatologist's advice is most beneficial. However, at the time I was very easily convinced to try the latest products, and I never stuck to a regimen longer than a month. It wasn't until my twenties that I began to truly focus on what's beneficial for the long run.
This blog is for me to write about my opinion of certain skin care lines, as well as most products we apply to our skin daily. I don't claim to be a certified esthetician or dermatologist. However, over the past three years I have had training and experience within the skin care industry. I graduated with a BA in journalism, and I find myself always wanting to write about this wide-ranged topic. I'm not just speaking of what's the best eye shadow. I'm also interested in the education and health behind the products.